Drones Can Make an Engineer’s Job Easier and Less Expensive

Drones are used for everything from warfare to delivery of goods from warehouse to home. Engineers have discovered that drones – known technically as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – can make the painstaking task of performing survey work faster and easier.

Scientists Link Deadly Tibetan Avalanche to Climate Change

Researchers believe climate change is responsible for an avalanche in Tibet that claimed nine lives and injured hundreds of others when more than 70 million tons of ice broke off from the Aru glacier in the mountains of western Tibet

Earth Reaches Global Warming Milestone – And it’s not Good News

According to Amir Jina of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago[i], planet Earth reached a global warming milestone in September 2016. Jina says that the milestone will occur on a volcano in Hawaii where a monitoring station has been recording carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere since the late 1950s.