Contamination & Remediation

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The experts at HSA Golden have over 25 years of experience in contamination assessment and remediation on hundreds of brownfield and related hazardous material contamination (such as dry cleaning solvents) sites throughout Florida and the Southeast.

We are state certified Brownfields contractors. From risk assessment to obtaining a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO), we provide you with a complete solution to a risk-based cleanup up of your contaminated site.

We are able to save you both time and money from the very beginning of your project by conducting a thorough site investigation and risk assessment of your project. Our deep understanding of complex geological and hydrogeological conditions, paired with our access to state-of-the-art remediation technologies ensures that the most suitable remediation solution will be designed and implemented.

Moving forward in the project, our experts make even the most complicated compliance and regulatory requirements seem easy. Because we are based in Florida, we know the state regulations inside and out. We’ve also developed great relationships with local regulators and have extensive experience in negotiating with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other state agencies. Our unique relationships and experience allow us to expedite the validation process for you, leading to a quicker acquisition of an SRCO and, therefore, closing the books on your remediation project.


We have assessed and remediated hundreds of contaminated sites for a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, solid waste, manufacturing, fuel service stations, and dry cleaners.


Whether it’s replacement, closure, or cleanup, rely on HSA Golden to provide you with the expertise required to handle the environmental, legal, and economic issues inherent to underground or above-ground storage tanks.

HSA Golden is a Florida-certified petroleum cleanup preapproval contractor. Whether you have a storage tank cleanup or closure project, we are ready to help you with the legal, environmental, and economic challenges associated with these processes.

After performing a site assessment, we use our in-depth understanding of Florida UST regulatory provisions (62-761 and 62-780, Florida Administrative Code) along with the results from the assessment in order to determine the best remediation methods for your project. We manage all aspects throughout the remediation process, including regulatory compliance, ongoing monitoring, and reporting.

Our key relationships with local and state environmental regulators ensures that the completion of your site cleanup will be done both swiftly and in accordance with regulations, which amounts to time and cost savings for your company.


  • Tank Closure Assessments
  • Compliance
  • AST/UST Removal & Replacement
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation


Our experts have the experience and training to ensure that the handling, storage, and disposal of your hazardous waste fully complies with all regulations.


With movements such as urban renewal and green space conservation, many projects are now being developed on land that was once used for industrial or commercial operations. This recycling of land offers many benefits such as increased property values, decreased urban sprawl and sustainability.

But, getting this positive end result can sometimes present quite a challenge. Often, the land is considered to have some actual or perceived degree of contamination and is classified as a brownfield.

The cleanup of a brownfield site can be quite a complicated process, but with the right team leading the project, remediation can be done with ease. This is where we come in. The Florida Brownfield Redevelopment Program has been developed to empower communities and stakeholders in economic development to assess, clean up and reuse a brownfield site. Let HSA Golden’s experts guide you through the financial and regulatory incentives of the program to a successful reuse.


Hazardous waste management is a system in which wastes go through regulated pathways toward either destruction or disposal, in ways that protect human health and the environment. It involves due diligence, characterization, treatment, and/or disposal. Our hazardous waste experts can help you develop safe and economical programs for the handling of your hazardous materials and byproducts, regardless of their volume or content. We have been assisting our clients in Florida and around the world with hazardous waste management for over 30 years, and we thoroughly understand the materials, processes, and wastes, and how we may assist you in dealing with them.


  • Compliance Surveys
  • Waste Characterization
  • Waste Hauling and Disposal