Contamination Assessment & Remediation

Petrochemical Fire Groundwater Contamination


Every contaminated site has a different story. Without knowing this story, in detail, there’s no way to properly begin the complicated assessment of the contaminants.

We know this. We dig deep. We ask the right questions, use the experience gained at other, similar sites, and put together a conceptual model of how things got the way they are. Without the right experience, and a firm grasp on costs, an inexperienced or overconfident environmental engineer might not only not get the story right, but waste tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Some sites are small, the contamination localized, and the contaminants easy to deal with.  Other sites are enormous, the contamination widespread, on-site and off-site plumes are comingled, and the contaminants are tricky to deal with (think PFAS). We’ve seen it all, many times over. We know how to handle all of this in the best, most cost-effective way.


Whether you’ve got a small auto repair shop, an old gas station, a dry cleaner, or a massive Superfund site, we’ve got you covered. Maybe utilizing the Brownfields program is the right answer, or using institutional and/or engineering controls, rather than continuing cleanup for years and years, will solve the problem. If someone else created your problem, we can help you recover the cleanup costs from them. Often there are multiple solutions to one problem, and not only will we help you identify them, but implement the right solution – or combination of solutions – and see you through to No Further Action status.

If remediation is needed, we have the toolset to get the job done. Air sparging/soil vapor extraction? Check. Permeable reactive barriers? Check. In-situ chemical oxidation? You bet. Pump-and-treat? No one does that anymore, but if you insist, ok. If we can just dig the contamination out and haul it off to a landfill, we’ll do that and clean up your site in days, not months or years.  You always have options, and when we, collaboratively, identify and implement the most suitable option(s), we’ll get you that coveted Site Rehabilitation Completion Order.


HSA Golden’s licensed professionals each have over 30 years of experience in the assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites.  With hundreds of sites now restored to meet regulatory cleanup standards, we have the experience and expertise to manage your contaminated site from start to finish.


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