Environmental Litigation Support

Spotlight on Environmental Engineering Services Why Litigation Support is Important The potential for costly litigation exists in virtually any large construction project that involves hazardous materials or is located in proximity to fragile ecosystems. Ideally, a developer exercises proper care and follows all applicable local, state and federal regulations in order to create a safe project that does not harm the environment. However, even with the strictest planning and due diligence procedures in place, mistakes can be made by contractors, subcontractors and others involved in the construction project.  And, there’s no shortage of frivolous lawsuits. That’s why it’s imperative that the environmental engineering firm you hire to assist you during your project has a solid litigation support department. What Litigation Support Services Should an Environmental Engineering Firm Offer? HSA Golden, a Florida-based environmental engineering and waste management consulting firm, has been providing a variety of litigation support services since 1989. In that time, the company has played key roles in helping its clients obtain favorable results during litigation.  In one particular case involving a large homebuilder, HSA Golden was asked to provide expert review and evaluation of another environmental consultant’s contamination assessment and remediation work at a former trap and skeet shooting range.  The consultant was apparently unaware that arsenic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons are typical contaminants at such sites, and therefore failed both to perform adequate testing and to implement effective remedial measures for these parameters.  The homebuilder had begun vertical construction in anticipation of site cleanup, but the development was significantly delayed – and costs were significantly increased – while a second consultant was brought in to complete the remediation effort.  HSA Golden’s expert services were instrumental in securing a seven-figure settlement against the first consultant. The firm has helped its clients achieve successful outcomes during litigation on many other occasions throughout the years. Regardless which firm you choose as your environmental engineering consultants, it should have on staff highly qualified engineers, geologists, and earth scientists with the breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you in the event you face litigation.  Litigation support services should include: *Expert witness testimony *Forensic engineering and consulting *Expert/peer review of work performed by others *Support at administrative hearings Environmental issues become more complicated with each passing year as more governmental agencies corporations, and private parties  maintain a vested interest in ecologically sensitive building projects. Therefore, it’s imperative that the engineering firm you select to assist you with your project have the experience, proven track record and breadth of knowledge to provide the litigation support you’ll need to protect your interests. For more information regarding environmental litigation support services, please call: (407) 649-5475.