Orange County Environmental featured in Construction and Demolition Recycling

Construction & Demolition Recycling Brian Taylor March/April 2010 In the few years that he has owned Orange County Environmental LLC, Apopka, Fla., founder Tony Wibbeler has introduced a variety of services designed to capture market share. Services provided include: acceptance of mixed C&D materials for a tipping fee to be either landfilled or sorted and processed; waste hauling to serve a customer base of contractors and industrial locations; site work services such as grading; and environmental services such as designing and preparing stormwater treatment systems and placement and pick-up of portable toilets. Mixed C&D recycling services recently offered by Orange County Environmental include menus of programs designed to provide LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – oriented options to the Central Florida market. These programs include: (1) a basic recycling package that provides a letter of recycling verification; (2) a gold package for those requiring a 75 percent recycling rate and a level of documentation with times and dates and specific materials tracking; and (3) a platinum package that can include source-separation, on-site labor, and documentation including photos for each container as it leaves the job site. OCE also has a very unique way of handling gypsum that no one else does. In addition, the sorting and processing system creates an alternative landfill cover product that can be used by OCE. “The dirt ‘unders’ byproduct from our system is ideal as C&D landfill cover, reducing our need to extract natural dirt products from the ground unnecessarily,” says Wibbeler. HSA Golden is proud to work closely with OCE in providing engineering design, permitting, monitoring, and other environmental services and have worked closely with Tony Wibbeler and his staff since 2007. See the complete article, and find out more about Tony and OCE,  HERE.