Florida Legislature Certifies Standards for Solid Waste Management Facilities

Tallahassee, FL – As we reported here on February 26, 2016, the Florida State Legislature has finalized laws establishing specific standards for the construction, operation and closure of solid waste management facilities. Those final enactments have been formally certified as of mid-March 2016.

Chapters 62-701 through 62-722 F.A.C was designed to minimize threats to public health and the environment. The legislation provides standards for the following:

  • Safe handling, storage, disposal or beneficial use of the ash residue from the combustion of solid waste;
  • The examination and certification of resource recovery equipment to implement the tax exemptions provided by Florida statutes;
  • To regulate the production and use of compost made from solid waste
  • The establishment of a comprehensive program for the proper management and recycling of used oil;
  • To regulate waste tire storage, collection, transport, processing, recycling, reuse and disposal;
  • To establish procedures for disbursement of grans for solid waste management;
  • To provide a uniform procedure by which certain persons in the state who handle, purchase, receive, recover, sell or are end users of recovered materials shall be certified by and report to the Department and register with and report to certain local governments; and to
  • Implement the provisions of various sections of the Florida Solid Waste Management Act.

The Certification Package for the Phase III changes to Chapter 62-701, F.A.C. was filed on February 22, 2016, and became effective March 13, 2016. For more information about these legislative changes and their impact on your projects or facilities, please contact HSA Golden at 11 Lake Gatlin Road in Orlando, Florida 32806. You can also phone us at 407.649.5475, or contact us via email at info@hsagolden.comprogressivecoders.comhsagolden.com.