Class I Waste Transfer Station/C&D Recycling Facility


Environmental Land Services is a diversified construction company specializing in site development, underground utilities, demolition, land clearing, excavation, roll-off containers, and trucking. ELS owns/operates a concrete recycling plant which produces 500,000 tons of aggregate materials per year and also owns/operates a coquina (shell) quarry. ELS is currently expanding into the municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris recycling industry to better serve their customers.



Client required design and permitting services for an approximately 21-acre, 900 ton-per-day, municipal solid waste (MSW) transfer station and construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling facility. The client wished to renovate existing industrial buildings for a MSW transfer station and to house a single-stream C&D and commercial paper recycling operation. Specific requirements included:

  • Flagler County permitting, including Site Development Plan Application, applicable building permits, and Special Exception zoning;
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection Construction and Operation permit for a Class I municipal solid waste transfer station and Construction & Demolition Debris waste processing facility (WPF); and
  • Florida Department of Environmental Proection Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) for a stormwater management system.



Permitting requirements included:

  • Operations Plan;
  • Topographic and boundary survey (to one-foot contours extending 150 feet from the site boundary);
  • Geotechnical Engineering report;
  • A detailed Engineering Report and civil engineering design to include: site plan, grading and drainage plan, fence details, landscape buffers, signage details, and prohibitions;
  • General technical requirements, such as financial responsibility and cost estimates;
  • Odor Control Plan;
  • Reclamation and Closure Plan;
  • Turning lane engineering design;
  • Preparation of the permit application forms;
  • Architectural, structural, leachate control, and utilities for municipal waste transfer station and scale house buildings; and
  • Facility construction management.


The Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling area was designed and permitted for outdoor processing and storage and also included a groundwater monitoring plan.  Additionally, a due diligence report (Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment) was prepared to meet Small Business Association loan requirements to evaluate the environmental condition of the former lumber yard property.


  • All permitting completed on time and on budget.
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits obtained within four months.
  • Construction & Demolition Debris recycling facility capable of 1,680 ton-per-day throughput.
  • Facility is open and fully operational.
  • HSA Golden currently is currently performing ongoing groundwater quality monitoring and reporting.