DeSoto Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Facility

WCA is a vertically integrated non-hazardous solid waste management company providing waste collection, transfer, material processing and disposal services. WCA commenced business operations in 2000 in Houston, Texas and has expanded under the guidance of a veteran management team to cover twelve states. WCA provides services to over half a million residential and commercial/industrial customers.




Groundwater quality monitoring identified the presence of increasing arsenic concentrations within groundwater. Florida Department of Environmental Protection required the preparation of an Evaluation Monitoring Report, Site Assessment Report, and Corrective Action Plan to address this issue.


  • Perform limited historical site land use assessment with historical aerial photographs and maps for source of arsenic.
  • Utilize rotary and Geoprobe drilling rigs to collect soil samples and install monitoring wells.
  • Collect soil and groundwater quality samples pursuant to Florida Department of Environmental Protection Standard Operating Proceedures.
  • Perform slug testing to calculate groundwater seepage velocities.
  • Conduct area survey for wells and potential pollution sources.
  • Prepare a report fully documenting investigative methods, results and conclusions regarding site conditions pursuant to FDEP Rules 62-701 and 62-780, Florida Administrative Code.


  • Evaluation and Site Assessment reports showed that reductive dissolution, or the “shadow effect” was the primary cause of arsenic groundwater contamination.
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation recommended and approved in lieu of active remediation.