DeSoto Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Facility

Landfill Liner Installation

WCA is a vertically integrated non-hazardous solid waste management company providing waste collection, transfer, material processing and disposal services. WCA commenced business operations in 2000 in Houston, Texas and has expanded under the guidance of a veteran management team to cover twelve states. WCA provides services to over half a million residential and commercial/industrial customers.




HSA Golden was retained to engineer, permit, and construct a 60-acre landfill expansion and 16-acre lined cell and leachate storage system.


  • Close existing 30-acre construction and demolition debris landfill cell.
  • Engineer, permit, and construct 60-acre landfill expansion, including:
    • Single-liner system;
    • Leachate collection system;
    • Stormwater management system;
    • On-site borrow pit; and
    • Groundwater monitoring system.
  • Project includes ongoing compliance monitoring under Rule 62-701, Florida Administrative Code and construction management services.


Expansion successfully permitted, constructed, and approved by Florida Department of Environmental Protection