Expert Testimony: Personal Injury Acid Burn Case

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A tractor-trailor carrying lead-acid batteries crashed at highway speed, resulting in the death of the driver, the truck catching fire, and the discharge of its cargo. Many of the batteries were damaged or destroyed, and battery (sulfuric) acid was released to the environment. The plaintiff, a wrecker operator, was not made aware of the hazard and was exposed to the acid while moving the wreckage. As a result, he suffered severe, debilitating burns to his lower legs and required years of treatment. Client required expert services to support a personal injury lawsuit with a $5M negligence and strict liability claim against the trucking company.


HSA Golden’s case-specific activities included:

  • Review of available records of the accident and post-accident environmental cleanup efforts.
  • Review of long-term groundwater quality testing data, including field notes and laboratory data, correspondence, and depositions.
  • Performance of a site visit and review of environmental conditions in the site vicinity to establish background soil and groundwater quality.
  • Preparation of summary reports.
  • Prepared responses to interrogatories and requests to produce.
  • Provided deposition testimony.
  • Prepared trial exhibits.
  • Provided courtroom testimony.


  • Expert services successfully supported client’s/plaintiff’s claim against the trucking company.
  • Jury award to plaintiff exceeded claim, due in part to compelling HSA Golden testimony regarding potential exposure pathways.