Fedepalma Palm Oil Mills

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Client requested that 10 palm oil mill sites within the central region of Colombia be assessed with regard to the feasibility of constructing or augmenting palm oil mill effluent (POME) digester systems. The sites, all of which are within the Fedepalma Sectoral Clean Design Mechanism (CDM) Umbrella Project, were to be ranked to prioritize site development based on projected CO2e generation estimates as well as difficulty of site redevelopment.


  • Perform a site reconnaissance and site assessment survey at 10 mill sites over the course of two weeks.
  • Review mill data, and interview mill personnel, to determine current and projected fruit processing rates.
  • Observe and document existing operational conditions, including the POME treatment system to determine current treatment capacity.
  • Rank sites based on accessibility to existing anaerobic lagoons, site operational readiness, POME specifications, and digester retention time.
  • Prepare individual site assessment and preliminary feasibility study reports for each of the ten sites


  • Completed in under six months.