Golden Gem Road Class III Landfill LFG System

Landfill Gas Flare
Orange County Environmental, LLC owns and operates the Golden Gem Road Class III Landfill in Orange County, Florida.




An odor study indicated a need for the design and construction of a landfill gas treatment system and odor monitoring at the landfill.


  • Conducted a required regional odor study including the landfill and adjacent industrial sites.
  • Measured hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas concentrations to ppb levels over a 30-day period at 15 station locations.
  • Developed a Landfill Gas Corrective Action Plan and Monitoring Plan.
  • Designed a system of 20 passive landfill gas vents with solar-powered flares over a 40-acre area of the landfill.
  • Currently providing ongoing monitoring of H2S at eight gas probe locations and ambient stations on site.


  • Post-flare installation study indicated that the odor issue was adequately mitigated.