La Duquesa Municipal Landfill

Landfill in DR

Confidential Client




Project site is a 300-acre, 3,500 ton-per-day municipal landfill, with a system of more than 30 vertical landfill-gas collection wells. Client requested performance of engineering, environmental, financial, and valuation due diligence work for the landfill, which is the Dominican Republic’s largest.


  • Performed three-day site visit, arrange and attend regulatory agency meetings, and conduct interviews with the owner/operator.
  • Evaluated existing Ministry of the Environment permits, environmental impact statements, previous permit applications, and proposed landfill expansion plans.
  • Evaluated existing operations, soil cover availability, recycling operations, roadway access, and potential landfill life under existing conditions.
  • Prepared conceptual expansion plans, stormwater controls, leachate collection and treatment systems, and security improvements, and provided cost estimates to implement the recommended improvements.
  • Conducted financial evaluation of income accounts, operational costs, existing municipal contracts, tipping fees, increased operational costs to meet required improvement, landfill life, and recommended tipping fees to meet projected costs.
  • Reviewed existing United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) landfill gas collection and flare system operation at the landfill.  The existing Project Design Document (PDD) estimated that over 3 million tons of CO2 would be destroyed via flare from 2009 through 2019.


  • Client used the conceptual expansion plans and and cost estimates to develop and implement improvements at the site.