Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment: Agere Semiconductor

C.T. Hsu + Associates, along with Lake Nona Land Company, together comprised John Young Land Partners, LLC. C.T. Hsu + Associates is an Orlando-based architectural planning and design firm focused on a mix of mid to large scale projects. Lake Nona Land Company is owned by Tavistock Group, an international private investment organization with assets in more than 200 companies across 11 countries.




Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments were requested to support the purchase of a 195-acre semiconductor manufacturing site. The site included 1.07-million square feet of manufacturing facilities and 300,000 square feet of support facilities. Phase II ESA investigations included testing soil and groundwater for both hazardous materials and petroleum products.


The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) included:

  • Review of site physical characteristics.
  • Review of reasonably ascertainable historical information and previous environmental reports prepared by others.
  • Review of environmental record sources maintained by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.
  • Performance of a site reconnaissance, including a visual inspection of adjacent sites.
  • Performance of interviews with local government representatives and with site owners, operators, and managers.

The Phase I ESA revealed 13 recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with the site. To address and mitigate these RECs, the following tasks were performed as component parts of a Phase II ESA:

  • Collect soil and chemically analyze 13 soil samples.
  • Install 23 temporary groundwater monitoring wells; collect and chemically analyze samples from these wells.


HSA Golden’s Phase I and II ESAs were sufficient to support the purchase of the facility.  The manufacturing and support facilities have since been demolished, and approval has been obtained for 4.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial use, with structures up to 35 stories tall.