Site Remediation: Crane Rental Corporation

Cranes from family-owned and operated Crane Rental Corporation helped create the familiar central Florida skyline. Since 1960, Orlando-based Crane Rental Corporation has teamed with prominent national contractors to create magnificent cityscapes, industrial plants, and theme parks in hometown Orlando, as well as major urban centers throughout the United States and Caribbean.




Environmental due diligence work indicated the presence of low concentrations of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) within soil and groundwater beneath a large portion of the site. A solution was required that would cost-effectively treat both media to meet regulatory limits, be temporary in nature, and be of minimal disruption to site activities.


  • A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Modification was prepared per Rule 62-780.600, Florida Administrative Code, since the existing RAP only addressed a small portion of the contamination and relied heavily on natural attenuation.
  • Soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air sparging (AS) wells were installed throughout the areas of impact to completely address the entirety of the contamination issue.
  • Crane Rental’s existing compressed-air system was utilized for the AS system, negating the need for purchase or rental of a new compressor and simplifying system piping.
  • A small SVE blower was installed to address soil contamination and collect AS fugitive emissions within a maintenance structure.
  • All wells were plumbed using above-grade, flexible hoses which were coupled to the remediation system at the close of business and decoupled prior to the start of work activities the following day, resulting in pulsed system operation.


  • The need for cutting, trenching, backfilling, and repaving of paved surfaces to install underground piping was eliminated, saving tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Disruption of ongoing site operations was minimized.
  • Maximum flexibility in system operation was attained.
  • Site remedation was achieved in less than eight months.
  • Post-remediation monitoring confirmed that site cleanup was successful.