Site Remediation: Orlando Int’l Airport West Ramp

Orlando International Airport

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) is the governmental entity that operates Orlando International Airport (OIA) and Orlando Executive Airport in Orlando, Florida. GOAA is tasked with the operation, maintenance and administration of all public airports in Orange County, Florida, including any public airports which may be built in Orange County in the future.




Leaking jet fuel hydrants and aircraft/heavy equipment maintenance activities resulted in contamination of both soil and groundwater at the Orlando International Airport West Ramp. Fast-track contamination assessment and remediation services were required to address the impacted soil to dovetail with rehabilitation of pavements and infrastructure.


  • 768 soil borings drilled to measure soil organic vapor concentrations.
  • Source removal activities involved excavation of 59,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil.
  • 24 piezometers and two staff gauges installed to calculate groundwater flow patterns.
  • 61 shallow and 14 deep monitoring wells installed to define the horizontal and vertical limits of groundwater impacts.
  • 24-hour pumping test performed to calculate aquifer hydraulic properties (hydraulic conductivity and storage) for modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.
  • Remedial Action Plan developed, and soil vapor extraction (SVE), air sparging (AS) and groundwater pump-and-treat (P&T) systems installed.


  • Remediation systems operated, monitored, and maintained under three-year contract.
  • Quarterly groundwater quality monitoring performed to monitor effectiveness of remedial activities.
  • Negotiations with Orange County’s environmental personnel minimized the volume of excavated soil while maintaining high environmental standards.