VitAg Fertilizer Plant Engineering

VitAG is a beneficial use technology that recycles biosolids into a real product: it is a fertilizer manufacturing process that uses biosolids as one of the raw ingredients. With the VitAG Process, biosolids are transformed into a safe, commercially viable, high-value ammonium sulfate granular fertilizer that exceeds the requirements of the USEPA Class A and Exceptional Quality standards and is not subject to any further restrictions or regulations. VitAG’s modular plant is compact so it can be located near or adjacent to a treatment plant. VitAG is a “next-generation” solution for biosolids.




Design and permitting for a 46-acre fertilizer plant that converts biosolids (raw sewage) into fertilizer pellets. HSA Golden was contracted to obtain a Florida Department of Environmental Protection stormwater permit, Orange County zoning adjustment, and an Orange County mass grading permit.


  • Design grading and drainage plans for 46 low-lying acres surrounded by wetlands.
  • Prepare stormwater management plan to include nutrient pretreatment, both minimizing impacts to wetlands and preventing over- and under-hydration of wetlands.
  • Obtain Orange County Zoning Department variances for building heights over 50 feet.
  • Prepare Orange County Wetland Conservation Area Determination permit.


  • All permits successfully obtained in less than one year.