Underground Storage Tanks

Storage Tank Statistics

As of March 2023, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed over 570,000 releases from underground storage tanks (USTs) used for petroleum or other hazardous substances. While over 508,000 UST sites have reportedly been remediated, almost 60,000 contaminated UST sites remain. This is an especially alarming threat here in Florida, where over 90 percent of our drinking water is groundwater.

How We Can Help

Underground storage tank sites are regulated in Florida under Section 62-761, Florida Administrative Code, and contamination resulting from UST releases is regulated under Section 62-780, F.A.C. HSA Golden has performed hundreds of UST site assessments, which oftentimes start with a Tank Closure Assessment (TCA). TCAs are a regulatory requirement in Florida to determine whether a release has occurred at the time that a UST is taken out of service or removed from the ground.

The assessment and remediation of UST sites has evolved over the years, and given the right geological and hydrogeological conditions, cleanup can be relatively straightforward. However, low-permeability aquifers, deep groundwater, and other complicating factors can make remediation far more difficult and costly. HSA Golden has the expertise and experience to assist you with any UST site, whether your project involves tank removal and replacement, closure, or contamination assessment and remediation.

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