Waste to Energy

What you need to know

HSA Golden has partnered with RCBC Global, the manufacturer of an innovative waste-to-energy (WtE) system not currently available elsewhere.  Headquartered in Hendersonville, North Carolina, RCBC Global has developed and patented a line of rotary combustors capable of producing up to 6.9 megawatts of electricity.  The technology is robust; it’s based on rotary kilns which have been used for decades in the fertilizer, cement, and industrial drying sectors.
Sorted and shredded waste is placed in a hollow, slowly rotating cylinder.  This provides maximum contact between solids and gases by constantly cascading the waste and thereby affecting high rates of heat transfer.  Boiler tubes within the cylinder heat water to high-pressure steam, which them   The WtE system can easily be scaled by adding cylinders (combustors), using the same front-end waste processing equipment, as well as the same back-end emissions management system.  This allows for low initial construction cost, with the flexibility to increase waste processing and power generation capacity as needed.
In partnership with RCBC Global, HSA Golden can provide a turnkey WtE solution almost anywhere in the world.  The system is ideal for microgrids, island settings, remote locations, or anywhere combustible waste is available and electricity is needed.  Importantly, from an investment standpoint, system payback may be as short as five years (depending on local electricity and waste disposal costs), while at the same time freeing up landfill airspace, mitigating greenhouse gases, providing employment opportunities, and many other ancillary benefits.

TRASH TO CASH: Summary of opportunity

  • Most municipal waste disposed in landfills, at significant cost

  • Recycling works, but recyclable material gets landfilled anyway

  • Landfills are sources of both air and groundwater pollution

  • Landfills are difficult to impossible to redevelop after waste disposal ceases

  • Rotating combustor waste to energy (RCWTE) system produces power reliably and efficiently, and from a wide variety of trash

  • RCWTE generates power at a cost significantly less than utilities

  • Important for corporations seeking sustainability options and waste minimization strategies

  • Rapid return on investment and tremendous free cash flow

Rotating Combustor Waste to Energy System

  • Reliable – Rotating combustor system developed over 20 years ago
  • Simple – System based on proven technology used in rotary cement kilns and clothes dryers
  • Scalable – Three sizes (1.5, 3, and 6 mw); add combustor units as needs grow


    •  No fuel costs; rather, fuel constitutes large component of income stream
    • No moving parts within high-temperature zone (minimal maintenance)
    • Approximately 50% greenhouse gas reduction relative to waste landfilling
    • Technology facilitates near-total waste combustion and controls NOx
    • Ash has beneficial uses (soil augmentation; construction materials)
    • Small system, high efficiency at low waste volumes