Who We Are


First and foremost, HSA Golden is an environmental engineering and consulting firm, committed to bringing our clients solutions that work. We were established with the specific intention of providing boutique, personalized service to clients looking for an alternative to large, impersonal environmental consulting firms. We saw the need for a company that delivers not only comprehensive, integrated environmental engineering consulting services quickly and cost-effectively, but in a manner that solves problems the first time around, large or small, complicated or relatively simple. We’ve done just that since our founding in 1989.


We offer a suite of waste management services, such as solid waste facility permitting, landfill design, construction management, landfill monitoring and final closure, and engineering for both transfer stations and recycling facilities. We are leaders in contamination assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, regulatory compliance, and permitting. We offer site civil engineering services, and we perform real estate due diligence work, such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Additionally, we are well-tested in deposition and courtroom testimony, and we’ve assisted our legal clients in obtaining judgements totaling many millions of dollars.


At HSA Golden, we truly care about the success of our clients. We deliver value-added services and we go above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations. As a boutique environmental consulting firm, we are quick on our feet and, unlike the big impersonal firms, we are not limited by unnecessary internal regulations.

Also, we understand how to navigate through complex environmental regulations to help you achieve your goals. For the last three decades, we have earned the respect of regulatory staffs, without which we wouldn’t be able to effectively help you. We’ve negotiated (and renegotiated) permit conditions, remedial actions, or site monitoring plans that have enabled our clients to save time, save money, and tightly control their project’s technical direction, expenditures, and compliance status.

Importantly, when a project requires it, we partner with established specialty firms with whom we’ve had long working relationships and are proven to be the best in their respective fields.


Many of the professionals with whom you will work at HSA Golden are also owners. The principals of our company are actively involved in day-to-day work, so you’re never stuck with an entry-level professional that’s just learning the business on your important project. That’s a huge benefit when compared to the standard operating procedures of larger firms.


To save time and money, we have invested in sophisticated investigative and testing equipment, data gathering methods, and graphics capabilities. We focus on avoiding unnecessary investigative procedures so we can provide you with the most timely and cost-effective solutions. And, our data management capabilities are second to none, assuring you of access to your project data with just a few mouse clicks.


We are based in Florida, USA, but we recognize that we are all connected. We thoroughly understand the earth sciences and the interrelationship of what happens both above and below the ground from an environmental standpoint. Most importantly, we care deeply about the consequences of our work. We want to help create an environmentally and economically healthy environment for our children and our children’s children.